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TUMS® Antacid Basics

  • Each tablet contains:
    TUMS®  Regular Strength 500: .75gm
    TUMS®  Extra Strength 750: 1.1gm
    TUMS®  Extra Strength Sugar Free: 0.5gm
    TUMS®  Smoothies (Extra Strength): 1.45gm
    TUMS®  Ultra Strength 1000: 1.45gm

  • All TUMS® products (with the exception of Chewy Delights® and Chewy Bites®) are Kosher Pareve. The ingredients of all TUMS® Smoothies™ varieties were changed years ago so that they are Kosher Pareve. Chewy Delights® are Kosher Dairy. Chewy Bites® are not Kosher at all. TUMS® products receive a Kosher Certificate from Diamond-K Supervision. See front label to determine the Kosher status of the product you have selected.

  • Yes, with a few exceptions. The flavoring in TUMS® Smoothies™ Assorted Fruit tablets contains dairy. If your milk allergies are very serious or life-threatening, you should consult your doctor before using any TUMS® products. Although we have cleaning procedures in place, we cannot guarantee that some small trace of the Smoothies Assorted Fruit flavors would not be present in the other flavors.

  • TUMS® bottles are made from polypropylene and they have a #5 recycle on the bottom. Check to see if they can be recycled in your municipality.


TUMS® and Pregnancy