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You want fast relief? You've got fast relief! 
See what makes the TUMS® brand #1.

TUMS antacid goes to work in seconds for fast heartburn relief and is available in more
strengths and flavor varieties than any other brand. With so many options and flavors, it's
easy to see why TUMS is America's #1 antacid.

TUMS Science

Find out how TUMS antacid gets to work fast, traveling directly to the source of your heartburn

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TUMS History

Learn more about the history of TUMS and how it became America's #1 antacid for heartburn relief.

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TUMS® vs Others

TUMS antacid travels directly to the source of the heartburn, dissolving easily and neutralizing acid on contact – for fast relief. Click for an antacid comparison chart.

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TUMS During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many reasons women may experience heartburn. see why TUMS® antacid is effective in the fight against heartburn during pregnancy.

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TUMS & Calcium Carbonate

Learn more about how calcium carbonate in TUMS® antacid helps fight heartburn.

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