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7 Foods That Can Reduce Acid Reflux

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If you occasionally deal with acid reflux, then you’re probably aware of the lengthy list of foods that may potentially act as triggers: citrus fruits, spicy sauces, tomato dishes, and fried snacks can all trigger acid reflux symptoms, including an uncomfortable, burning sensation in the chest known as heartburn1.

Thankfully, for every possible trigger food, there’s a substitute that may actually lessen your chances of experiencing acid reflux. If you’re tired of hearing, “Here’s what you can’t eat,” and want to start hearing, “Here’s all the food you can enjoy,” take a look at these seven foods that can help reduce acid reflux. (And to help assure mealtimes are pain free, keep a bottle of TUMS Chewy Bites Cooling Sensation handy for fast relief from heartburn and acid indigestion when it occurs.)

Foods That Can Reduce Acid Reflux

Fat-Free Cow’s Milk

High-fat dairy items, such as full-fat milk, can induce heartburn and acid reflux. By cutting out whole milk, you can help avoid any associated discomfort that it may cause.

Fat-Free Yogurt

If you enjoy yogurt in the mornings or for a mid-afternoon snack, then you’re in luck. Yogurt, as long as it is fat-free, may not cause any discomfort in those who occasionally deal with acid reflux. For an even tastier early morning treat, stir in some frozen berries, which are another safe option when dealing with acid reflux 1.


Citrus fruits and citrus juices should generally be avoided if you’re someone who experiences acid reflux. A good fruit to eat instead is apples, which are not only one of the most portable fruits, but can be enjoyed a number of delicious ways. Slice it into pieces and dip it in fat-free yogurt or cottage cheese, or even saute those pieces in a little bit of maple syrup (another food that shouldn’t trigger heartburn)2.

Skinless Chicken Breast

Lean cuts of poultry, such as chicken breast, are a great option for those who may occasionally experience acid reflux. However, be sure to prepare it sans skin, since that’s where a lot of fat hangs out. Marinating chicken breasts a few hours before cooking really helps to infuse the meat with flavor without adding additional fat or spicy seasonings!3

Whole-Grain Bread

Swap out white bread for its healthier substitute, whole-grain bread. Whole-grain bread provides many vitamins and minerals4 and has a healthy amount of fiber, which can keep your digestive tract working properly. It will also keep you feeling fuller longer, which means less snacking between meals!


Potatoes — either boiled or baked and prepared without high-fat toppings — are a good option to help you prevent acid reflux. Try to stay away from french-fries and potato chips though. As good as they taste, their high fat content can cause stomach discomfort.6


Fish, whether fresh or water-packed, can be enjoyed without causing acid reflux as long it’s not fried. For a tasty meal, grill some salmon (salmon is low in fat7 compared to other fish options) and serve over a bed of leafy greens and whole-grain rice.

However, even when you’re careful, it can still sometimes be hard to completely avoid acid reflux. For those moments when heartburn hits, be sure to have TUMS, the No. 1 doctor recommended brand, on hand for fast-acting relief.



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