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4 Ways to Get Through a Stressful Business Lunch (Sans Heartburn)

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Business lunches carry their own particular set of stressors, but there are ways to make them a little easier to get through!

If you’ve ever had to endure a business lunch, you’ve most likely had a few of these thoughts:

“How can I be sure I won’t spill the contents of this sandwich on my shirt while I’m talking to clients?”

“Do I tell my manager he has spinach in his teeth right now?”

“Oh, no — everyone is ordering spicy appetizers, but I know those will give me heartburn . . .”

While business lunches carry their own particular set of stressors, there are ways to make them a little easier to get through. Read on for a few tips that will help you sale through your next one.

Tips For Getting Through a Business Lunch, Stress-Free

1. Don’t Go Hungry

It may feel odd to eat before you head off to a lunch meeting, but when we’re really hungry, we may feel more negative in the moment1, which isn’t helpful during debates or discussions. Plus, going into a meeting starving may cause you to take big bites of food quickly, a habit that can lead to heartburn2.

2. Avoid Alcohol

Not only is alcohol a heartburn trigger3 for some people, but it can also cause us to act in a way we wouldn’t consider appropriate in front of colleagues while sober.

3. Avoid Your Personal Heartburn Triggers

Nothing can add stress to an already stressful situation like heartburn, so do your best to stay away from personal heartburn triggers during a lunch meeting. While there are certain foods that most experts agree can exacerbate symptoms4 (fried, greasy foods, spicy foods, and tomato products, to name a few), it’s good to know if particular foods trigger you more than others.

4. Keep Things in Perspective

Increased stress may lead to increased heartburn5, so keep both in check by seeing the bigger picture when it comes to business lunches. Little things like accidental spills or opting out of drinking (even when everyone else is) are less important than making a real connection and showing colleagues or clients that you’re truly listening!

If you deal with heartburn and want to be 100 percent sure it won’t bother you during an important meeting, keep a bottle of TUMS Chewy Bites in your purse or briefcase for a tasty way to get fast relief from occasional heartburn and sour stomach.


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