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11 Thoughts We All Have at Office Holiday Parties

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Whether you love them (“Yay, free food and drinks!”) or hate them (“Please don’t make me spend extra time in this office...”), office holiday parties are part of the season. If you’ve ever dealt with the uncomfortableness that can sometimes come with these celebrations, you know that the best way to get through them is usually with a little bit of humor.

If you’ve got some office parties on your agenda this month, read on for some funny thoughts we’ve probably all had in these situations, and make sure you have a few TUMS Chewy Bites With Gas Relief in your back pocket. That way, if symptoms like occasional heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, as well as gas associated with these issues, come up, TUMS Chewy Bites With Gas Relief can help. Now all you’ll have to worry about at your next office party is how to avoid that weird green bean casserole in the corner.

Thoughts We’ve All Had at Office Parties:

  1. “Oh no, someone brought a karaoke machine. This could get dangerous. And by dangerous, I mean embarrassing…”
  2. “How many cookies is an acceptable amount of cookies to eat in one sitting?”
  3. “I wonder if anyone will notice if I put these brownies in my bag...”
  4. “Wow, Linda from Accounting really likes to talk about her cats.”
  5. “I don’t usually eat bean dip, but the person who brought it is literally staring at me. I guess we’re doing this. At least I remembered my TUMS Chewy Bites With Gas Relief!
  6. “This guy has sat across from me for a year, and this is the most I’ve ever heard him talk.”
  7. “The karaoke machine is being set up. I need to avoid this at all costs…”
  8. “I’ve had two glasses of Champagne, which means now is probably the best time to talk to my boss about a raise!”
  9. “You know, these people really aren’t that bad, and Linda from Accounting is actually doing a pretty good Whitney Houston impression with that karaoke machine...”
  10. “Yup. Definitely time to talk to my boss about a raise!”
  11. “Someone hand me that karaoke mic!”