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Fast Heartburn Relief For the Big Game

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Sundays are more fun during football season! There’s nothing like watching and cheering for your team on Sunday (or Monday night or Thursday night, now, too!) with a group of friends, while enjoying some eats and drinks. And the season culminates with the big game, where many people both throw and attend football viewing parties! That Sunday is the second highest day of food consumption (Thanksgiving being the first), with Americans eating more than any other day of the year.

If you suffer from heartburn though, this may not be your favorite holiday. All of the fried chicken wings (1.33 billion are consumed this day), spicy dips, and other greasy apps don’t exactly leave your stomach feeling happy. Here’s why.

What Causes Heartburn

Heartburn is the uncomfortable feeling you get when your stomach acid flows back up into your esophagus and food pipe. It can cause a burning sensation in your chest or neck and throat, too. Heartburn can last just a short time, or you may experience it for hours, especially after eating. There are many factors that can cause heartburn including:

  • Eating before going to sleep
  • Eating foods that are greasy and spicy, contain caffeine, or foods like chocolate, peppermint, or tomato-based products
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating large portions of food
  • Smoking
  • Being overweight
  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress

How Tums Tackles Heartburn Symptoms Fast

If you experience heartburn, it can come on fast and be extremely uncomfortable. It can start with just a burning in your chest that may get worse when you lie down or bend over. The uncomfortable sensation can also travel up to your throat and feel like an acidic or salty, sour taste in the back of your mouth. Some people feel like food gets stuck in their chest, or have difficulty swallowing food, too.

If you experience heartburn, having Tums on hand can make all the difference. Tums goes to work in seconds and provides fast heartburn relief. It’s why the antacid has been trusted by millions of people for nine decades. It’s also the #1 physician and pharmacist recommended adult antacid brand.

Hosting a Football Viewing Party

Even if you personally don’t experience heartburn, if you’re hosting a party to watch the big game, it’s important to understand that many individuals may suffer from heartburn and heartburn symptoms. Here are some things to keep in mind to help keep your party enjoyable and heartburn-free.

Party Checklist For the Big Game

  1. Don’t only offer spicy foods. Yes, not everyone has heartburn, and therefore, those who want spicy wings and dips should be able to enjoy an array of spicy options. But be sure that you have some more mild or not-spicy-at-all options, so everyone feels comfortable and still is able to eat.
  2. Have some grilled foods, too. While chicken wings may be frequently enjoyed in their fried form, they can also be grilled. Consider having both options to keep things a bit more healthy and a bit less greasy.
  3. Include vegetables. Round out your football party menu by including some good-for-you options, like a veggie platter. This way each person has the option to dish up a balanced plate.
  4. Offer virgin drinks to guests. Football and beer might go hand in hand for many, but a lot of guests may prefer water or other nonalcoholic beverages. Be sure your bar is equipped for both.
  5. Be sure to have Tums on hand. Tums provides fast heartburn relief, so you don’t have to skip the football game you love. In case heartburn does strike, be sure to have a bottle of Tums Extra Strength on hand!

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